Produce from the Farm – Week 1, 2017

1 Jan


This week we harvested some of our pepper.


The Right Perspective

31 Mar

When you’re working hard, you sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses.  Thanks for this great picture Sonya!


Fencing Finished

5 Apr

I forgot to say in my last post that the outside fencing has been finished – actually that was in January – it just takes me a little while to post about it.  Adam is turning into a fantastic welder!

Finally Getting Somewhere

5 Apr

Well the electricity is connected – finally – and we have a small fridge in a shed near the pole.   Such luxury!

The grader was just gone through the house block and the dam area.  That means not only can we actually walk around easier, but we can now mow or slash!


We found an olive python snake skin at the electricity shed yesterday and also saw a baby brown snake at the orchard.  These are the first sightings of snakes after two years of being here,  Glad Rico and Pepe weren’t nearby.


We have bought our first container.  It will help with storage along with the caravan and double carport tent.

As I said….. we are getting there!

The Little Red Engine that could

12 Jan

I remember my mum reading me a story when I was little about a train (I think) that kept trying and eventually got to the top of the hill.
Recently, on a blog I follow, someone wrote a rude putdown to the blogger telling him his ideas were rubbish and citing statistics and articles to back up their comments.

This anonymous writer was way off on what they were saying but it shows that they were actually doing some research on the topic and trying to get a handle on the whole situation. It doesn’t matter too much that they got it wrong – at least they are trying to get up the hill…just like the little red engine.

Go the Fergy!

15 Dec

FergyWe have just bought our first tractor. It’s a beautifully kept Ferguson TEF20 from the 1950s. Here is a picture.

Getting Started

6 Oct

Seca and Spear Grass

We are now the proud owners of the worst block of land in the best location.  All the farms around us used to look exactly like ours 10 years ago.  There is hope.

At the moment we have a neglected 100 acres of seca stylo (up to 2m tall in some places) growing between some beautiful gums, cyprus pines and native wildflowers.  Our plan is to get the seca (an introduced stockfeed plant) under control by slashing it. If you can see what you are doing it makes it easier to make the right decision.

Oh well, bite the bullet….here we go!