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Fencing Finished

5 Apr

I forgot to say in my last post that the outside fencing has been finished – actually that was in January – it just takes me a little while to post about it.  Adam is turning into a fantastic welder!


Finally Getting Somewhere

5 Apr

Well the electricity is connected – finally – and we have a small fridge in a shed near the pole.   Such luxury!

The grader was just gone through the house block and the dam area.  That means not only can we actually walk around easier, but we can now mow or slash!


We found an olive python snake skin at the electricity shed yesterday and also saw a baby brown snake at the orchard.  These are the first sightings of snakes after two years of being here,  Glad Rico and Pepe weren’t nearby.


We have bought our first container.  It will help with storage along with the caravan and double carport tent.

As I said….. we are getting there!